2021 Photo Highlights

During 2021 I focused mostly on technique and getting better at manual mode on my camera. During that process, I was terrible about posting photos I'd taken. Looking back on the year, I picked out some of my favorites to share.

Some photos taken from Horse Gulch.

Photos Taken: 7 May 2021

Some photos taken near Lions Den, close to Fort Lewis College.

Photos Taken: 14 May 2021

A photo taken at sunset.

Photos Taken: 26 May 2021

Some photos taken on the Durango River Trail which I tend to visit frequently.

Photos Taken: 6 June 2021, 20 June 2021, and 21 August 2021

A photo taken at Junction Creek. We arrived a little too late, so the light was awful. However, I managed to get this photo which I liked.

Photos Taken: 12 September 2021

Some Fall color photos.

Photos Taken: 25 September 2021